Innovative Playground Designs Keeping Children, Happy And Healthy Outdoors

Every responsible parent and guardian’s aim for their kids is for them to be safe, secure, and happy.

Industry professionals will tell you that when a child is challenged educationally they are at their happiest, their young years are the most informative and their minds are like sponges taking in everything around them at a rate of noughts so it is important to feed their imagination and boost their learning.

Times have changed over the years with the introduction of computer technology many children are not playing outside the way they should, a great playground design is a superb way of enticing a child away from their computer games, with Varimarks exciting playground markers we can rekindle their adventurous side and bring their natural imagination back to the surface. When it comes to playground markers and effective playground design at Varimarks we are confident we can tempt even the harshest little critic.

Varimarks have been at the forefront of innovative playground design and exciting interactive playground markers for many years. We are based in Stoke on Trent and have been providing our highly acclaimed playground design service for schools, crèches and nurseries all over the country helping encourage a more active and healthy life style to children of all ages.

Our range of playground markers covers a wide range of applications everything from bright trails and number ladders to sports layouts, for football, netball and rounders as well as age old favorites such as snakes and ladders and hop scotch. Health and Safety is our number one priority and rest assured our playground markers are all thermo plastic for safety and durability.

We are flexible in our approach and realise that playground design is different depending on your specific needs, our team will liaise with you from initial idea the whole way through to ensure you have the exact playground design and finished product you have envisaged.

The magic of colourful playground designs is that they can turn any space into a world of fun!