Tidy up work space using cable management solutions

I’ve got a thing about cables. Not a good thing a bad thing. I hate to see cables strewn across the floor causing a nuisance and looking so unsightly. I know there’s a need for cables in our lives, computers, monitors, printers and home electronics plug into the mains using a cable of some description. My gripe is the amount of fuss they cause whether they are simple two-core cables or the finest pre terminated fibre products. Know what I do to keep my stress levels down? I use cable management systems. I tidy up my work desk with cable management systems and wires don’t cause me any worries. Desktop clutter is no longer an issue and I don’t have to worry about tripping over cables on the floor thanks to the latest cable management solutions.

I’d recommend cable management systems to anyone that hates cable clutter on their desk. Not only does cable management improve the look of desk space it makes the work place safer as well. Simple things like desk spines make cable management such a breeze they can be fitted in seconds and hide a number of cables away inside one snake like covering. Just screw it in place and pop cables inside then custom cut the cover to fit perfectly under the desk. Plus underdesk trunking is a brilliant cable management solution, buy it in different lengths and clip it together and once fitted it’s totally hidden from sight. If you don’t like the idea of trunking consider a desk wire basket instead that keeps cables neatly in place. With so many cable management goods on the market it’s easy to find the perfect product for standard or pre terminated fibre cables.

Of course, there comes a time when it’s hard to hide cables. If you had to run cables across floor spaces for example how could you implement a cable management solution? Rubber cable covers come in handy at this point; they’re great for cable management. They come with low profiles and sloping edges and help businesses comply with the latest health and safety regulations. So you see there are cable management solutions to cover all eventualities and you can buy them online at www.adeptnetworks.co.uk. This is a great website for cable management systems and they do a fine line in pre terminated fibre products as well.



cable management by adeptnetworks.co.uk. Visit their website today if you’re looking for pre terminated fibre.