Music Producer

Are you a musician looking for a well reputed music producer to work with you on your first album? Good Noise recording studio have been producing amazing quality music for over 15 years now and are the best in the business in South Africa.

Crighton Goodwill set up the Good Noise recording studio after 15 years in the music business to achieve his goal of becoming the number one music producer in South Africa. Some of the biggest names in music in South Africa have worked with Crighton at his recording studio in Johannesburg and his reputation as a music producer continues to grow.

As the best music producer in South Africa, Crighton always ensures that the equipment at his recording studio is of the highest standard in order to get the best out of the music he produces. Crighton’s commitment to having the best equipment in his recording studio has helped him to win a number of SAMA Awards over the years for his work as a music producer.

Since winning a SAMA, Crighton’s reputation as a music producer has sky rocketed. He is now the leading, go-to music producer in South Africa. During his career as a music producer Crighton has even had the privilege of working with most of the contestants and winners of Pop Idol in his recording studio.

As well as music production, Good Noise recording studio also offers services in song writing, engineering, mixing, mastering, and the full project management of all aspects of audio from albums to commercials to film.

With such a wide range of services offered by Good Noise there’s really no need to go anywhere else for all of your music production needs. Crighton has the knowledge and experience to really get your music noticed, as can be seen by his recent SAMA awards win! So visit his website today: and let Crighton work his magic on your music!



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