Purchasing Climbing Holds

Climbing holds are what are used on recreational climbing walls that allow people to grip on when they are climbing. Many retailers who sell sports and playground equipment will sell holds for climbing and there are holds that are designed for children’s climbing walls as well as climbing holds for adult climbing walls. If customers are looking for children’s climbing holds then they should search for retailers who sell playground equipment and accessories such as swing seats, swings and climbing frames as they will be likely to sell holds for climbing. Swing seats are another playground accessory that many customers will be looking to purchase. Swing seats can easily be replaced if old seats get broken or worn out. By replacing the seats customers will often avoid having to buy complete new swing sets and new swing seats will give old swings a new lease of life.

Like climbing holds there are swing seats for both adults and children and different seats will be designed for different age ranges and weights of users. The various swing seats that are available include half and full bucket seats for infants and toddlers, belt swing seats, seats for older children and two person glider seats. If customers are looking to purchase climbing holds to replace existing ones on their climbing walls then they need to make sure they choose holds that will take the weight of people that will be using them. This is why there are different climbing holds for adults and children.

Climbing holds are commonly sold in packs of three with each hold being a different colour and different shape. This makes climbing walls bright, colourful and attractive for children. Climbing holds will have two mounting holes for easy attachment and each pack will include six mounting bolts to secure the climbing holds to the wall.