Most businesses look for ways in which to get the best value for money on utilities and services. Broadband provision is one service that is highly variable in terms of quality and price across the market so selecting the right service for your needs is important.
Broadband is a very competitive market. The biggest hook for marketers is the speed of download, usually applying to ADSL. You can check your broadband speed for yourself – speed tests and related information are available online, including here on our own website, and these generally show you both download and upload speeds for your existing broadband connection. There is a difference between home broadband and business broadband, with businesses being targeted for the higher speeds, the expectation being that lightning fast speed will improve your efficiency. However, it makes sense to minimise your financial commitment to business broadband by matching your actual requirements to the appropriate level of provision and length of contract.
When calculating your business broadband needs, look at the nature of activity for example, if you are a firm of auditors, is it necessary for staff to be downloading videos and MP3 files at fast speed? If they do need to download large file attachments on emails would this be a regular requirement? If you are deciding whether to start using videoconferencing, it is well worth looking at the upload speed of your ADSL before investing in SDSL. Today’s upload speeds for the higher end of ADSL may be enough for a reasonable quality of connection. It is usually much less expensive to buy high-end ADSL than even the lowest speed SDSL. Of course both are at the mercy of internet traffic which can affect the quality of connection at peak times.
At 5G Business Telecoms, we offer the full range of business broadband provision and a QoS (Quality of Service) standard that optimises every aspect of internet connection, improving your overall network service.