What to Expect When Attending an Assessment Centre

Many job candidates are asked to attend an assessment centre after passing an initial screening from a potential employer.

The purpose of an assessment centre is for a potential employee to par-take in a range of interviews, aptitude tests and individual and group activities. This will ultimately allow an employer to witness how well a candidate works and interacts with others, and to recognize their intellect, character traits and values.

An employer can then decide how a candidate would or would not fit in their organisation. Their decision will be primarily based on their intellect and credentials, but a candidate�s actions and interactions on the assessment day will also be a large deciding factor.

Assessment centres also allow an employer to easily identify weak candidates and focus on the stronger applicants.

Candidates will obtain scores throughout the day for their performance and as a result will be examined by an assessor. The person with the most scores will most likely secure the job position.

One way a candidate can ensure they receive top marks is to practice their skills. An online aptitude test can provide a person with a range of potential questions which may or may not appear on an organisations aptitude test.

Online aptitude tests will ultimately allow a candidate to feel more confident about attending an assessment centre, and will also provide them with the motivation and belief that they are the right candidate for the job.

The higher the score a person receives on an aptitude test, the higher their overall score in the assessment centre. This ultimately gives a candidate a better chance of securing the job position.

There are a range of online aptitude tests available online. However, many free tests can often yield unreliable results that do not reflect employee aptitude tests. For best results, it pays to spend a little on online aptitude tests to secure that dream job.

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