Avoid excuses when facing motoring offences

With drink driving offences the most common request to motoring solicitors is to help a client to keep the driving ban to a minimum. An experienced mooring lawyer can guide you on what not to say and how to respond effectively to questions to gain the best outcome. All too often just one throwaway comment can secure a lengthy ban. The magistrate will home in on a flippant remark and as the maximum ban is handed out, it is this badly chosen phrase that is reiterated.

All courts follow basic penalty guidelines, but this means there is room for them to be moved. In the course of a typical day the court will hear many cases similar to yours so it’s important to differentiate yourself from everyone else. If you fail to do so then the court can simply stick rigidly to the guidelines after all why should be treated more leniently?

Look for something within your case that is marked or different. However, always bear in mind your explanation should not sound like an excuse. The courts are often very open to listening to the circumstances that lead a person with a previously untarnished record to find themselves in court facing traffic offences. Blaming others or reeling off a list of excuses will do little to help your cause.

Approach your explanation in three stages. Tackle the charge first covering the background. It is here that people can begin to say too much. If you can’t offer an explanation, then don’t. Often it is better to say you don’t know how you ended up in the situation rather than dreaming up excuses which will only irritate the magistrates. Present your personal history positively to endear yourself to the court and finally explain the effect the ban would have on your life.

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