Citroen using direct mail in new campaign

These days, there are many different marketing techniques available to firms. One of the more traditional and yet still highly effective and superb value methods of advertising is direct mail. It is now possible for organisations to take advantage of competitively priced mail fulfilment services to help make bulk mailing initiatives simpler and cheaper.

One firm that is sending out information to consumers’ doors in a bid to drum up interest in its new products is Citroen UK. The firm is sending out literature to consumers containing digital watermarks. By scanning these on their smartphones, people can access more information about the products.

Meanwhile, the car manufacturer is sending out a total of more than 200,000 different mail hits and is personalising the items with different car dealers’ details and with invisible digital watermarks for DS3, DS4 and DS5.

There are a number of different calls to action on the leaflets, including making calls to their local dealers, requesting brochures for further information and booking test drives to experience the vehicles for themselves. Meanwhile, from the applications on their smartphones, consumers can also view nine images and three videos for each of the DS models.

App specialist Digital Space took part in the project and the firm’s director James McIntosh said: “We were delighted to be involved with Citroen in such a high quality campaign and offer our expertise in bridging the gap between offline and the mobile web.”

The expert went on to remark: “We delivered a solution that enables the consumer to access mobile content directly from the creative piece, with clearly defined and measured calls to action.”

By making use of mail fulfilment services, firms can enhance their marketing efforts significantly. As long as they source their bulk mailing service provider with care, they can ensure they benefit from great value advertising.

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