A Top Weight Loss Retreat France

If you are looking for ways to lose weight, you can combine this with a holiday in France with a weight loss retreat France vacation where you can enjoy pampering, weight loss, fitness and lectures all rolled into one bundle.

This holiday package includes luxurious rooms with period features and en-suite bathrooms; each room is unique, comfortable and spacious enabling you to get a full night sleep after your daily activities.

The days are filled with freshly prepared meals, exercise routines, lectures, massages and meditation. A perfect way to spend a week or two, enabling you to come home not only refreshed, but full of energy and slimmer too.

Picturesque Parkland

The retreat is set on forty acres of picturesque parkland, a place for you to take quiet leisurely walks, enjoy the wildlife or just sit and read a book, the choice is up to you, after all this is your vacation.

The therapy rooms are top quality and your day is filled with fun activities with all the guests, so you will soon make new friends along the way. All the meals are enjoyed in the dining room where you can sit together and discuss your daily achievements, a fabulous opportunity for anyone travelling alone.

You may think that this is only for women, but you are wrong, there are so many men that come along on their own or with their partners to enjoy the experience. From hiking in the mountains to enjoying a morning filled with Pilates in the garden with the sun streaming down and a unique opportunity to get used to a healthy lifestyle that you can incorporate into your daily routine once you go home.

Whether you are looking for a week or a couple of weeks, there is room to accommodate you. Some visitors only stay one week and then take the knowledge they have learned home with them to incorporate into their lifestyles, others prefer to stay in the serene surroundings for as long as possible and with everything included in one handy price, this is easy to do even on a tight budget.


Weight loss retreat France is an opportunity to enjoy an overseas holiday in the sun while you lose weight and take advantage of the magnificent surroundings, some pampering and gourmet food before heading home again.