What to do when your property isn’t selling

All too often, vendors can become increasingly frustrated when their properties remain on the market for longer than everything else around them. This is an easy to understand reaction, and all too often, the selling process is a disappointment.

In almost all cases though, where a house sale falls short of expectations, it is more to do with a lack of communication and effort from the local estate agents, than any lack of interest parties. As such, it could well be worth asking yourself a few questions about the agent you are working with.

In order to sell a property, the best estate agents ensure they are enthusiastic about the instruction. It is well worth asking yourself whether this is something your agent has. If they are not enthusiastic about your property to you, it is unlikely they will show any enthusiasm to potential buyers.

It is also essential that they regularly keep in contact with you, particularly after a viewing, and are confident enough to provide feedback. Considering how often they phone you is interesting and, if you are phoning them more than they you, alarm bells really should be ringing.

How the viewings are conducted is important too. Very often, the seller needs to be there or, it is certainly better if they are. However, the estate agent should manage the process. So, does yours, or is it always left to you?

There are many other ways in which the best estate agents will reveal themselves, from providing professional and meaningful marketing advice to keeping you informed of local market conditions. Traditionally this could not be found without a measure of trial and error though today, this is not the case.

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