Age Partnership Equity Release

Age Partnership equity release is a great way for people to generate an additional income using their existing assets. Interest in equity release is growing as people look at ways of dealing with the current economic crisis. Whilst it is not right for everyone, for most, it is a good way of providing economic relief in these difficult times.

Why There is So Much Interest in Age Partnership Equity Release

The approach that Age Partnership takes is innovative. They are not in the business of selling equity release products to anyone and everyone. The firm recognises that equity release is not necessarily the best product for everyone. As a result, their first step is to ascertain if equity release is suitable for a client. If it is not they will explain to the client, why not and help them to understand the need to look at other financial products.

Age Partnership equity release is a comparison service. They do not promote one particular product. Instead, they work with leading equity release specialists such as Just Retirement, LV=, Aviva, Hodge Lifetime and More2Life. This approach means that they have one of the best overviews of the equity release market. The help people to shop around for the best deals. People really appreciate the opportunity to get an overview of the best products and not be pressurised into buying any particular product. The fact that Age Partnership is an independent advisor has a big impact on the quality of the advice they give.

Age Partnership only offers products from companies who are SHIP members. SHIP stands for Safe Home Income Plan. Members of SHIP only sell financial products that are safe. There is no risk of losing your home or ending up owing a huge amount of money.

Who is Age Partnership Equity Release Right For?

Age Partnership equity release is potentially right for anyone who owns their own home or has another piece of property or large asset. However, most companies require people to be aged between 55 and 95. They normally also require the property to have a minimum value. In most cases this is between £70,000 and £90,00, but it varies considerably between companies.

To find out more about Age Partnership equity release visit their website. There you will find free and detailed about equity release and products from many of the UK’s leading providers.