Annuities from Age Partnership

Interest in annuities from Age Partnership is growing. There are many reasons for this, but the quality of the product plays a major role.

Annuities from Age Partnership Are Easy to Understand

Age Partnership are aware that one of the main reasons people avoid taking out annuities is that they do not understand them. This fact means that they delay the decision about which annuity to take out until the last minute. As a result, people frequently end up buying a poor quality annuity product, which does not provide for them in their old age. To get over this hurdle they explain annuities on their website and in their marketing materials.

Age Partnership gives consumers an overview of the best annuity products that are currently available. They negate the need for people to search the web and read up about dozens of individual products. Instead, on the Age Partnership annuities website they can read about products from all of the major providers including Standard Life, Prudential and LV.

They also allow people to calculate the annuity they would get using their current pension fund by providing just 4 simple pieces of information. This allows consumers to shop around knowing roughly how much they can expect to get from an annuity. Knowing this helps people to spot which deals are too good to be true and which are far too low. Being able to narrow down a long list of complicated options helps a great deal when it comes to buying an annuity.

Other Reasons to Buy Annuities from Age Partnership

The very nature of annuities means that the people looking for these products are elderly. As a result, a lot of them are not 100% confident when it comes to using the internet. For this reason Age Partnership are happy to help people over the telephone as well. They even offer a call-back service, which means that buying annuities from Age Partnership over the phone need not cost a fortune in phone calls. Once someone decides, which annuity to buy Age Partnership can arrange everything on their behalf. Many consumers appreciate this because for them the form filling is daunting.

To find out more about annuities from Age Partnership visit their website and read their free annuity guide.