Audiometry could unlock your underlying hearing or balance problems

Audiometry is the technique of measuring hearing. Many people may never have considered testing this sense let alone thought of what other areas of their well being it can effect. Any degree of hearing damage or impairment can affect simple daily activities such as driving, chatting with other people and balance while standing or walking. By testing hearing with audiometry doctors may be able to diagnose the problem with the aim of either rectifying it providing solutions to compensate for it.

Audiometry is conducted by either an audiologist or an otolaryngologist. Audiologists specialise in hearing and balance disorders. This is a non-medical branch of diagnosis to help suffers manage their problems registering sounds or balance issues they experience. An otolaryngologist is a medical practitioner who focuses on ailments relating to the ear, nose and throat. Depending on your specific problem you may benefit from consultation with one or both of these professionals.

Assessing hearing impairments through audiometry involves running tests in a sound proof area with a device called an audio meter. This device is then manipulated by the tester, either an audiologist or otolaryngologist, to play sounds at various frequencies and volumes. These are transmitted to the person under assessment via headphones. During this time the assessor record the instances that sounds were heard or missed. In this way audiometry can determine weaknesses in registering certain types of sound.

To complete the audiometry the noises are repeated but by vibration this time. A vibrator is attached behind the ear in order to run a pure-tone bone conduction test. The results of both sections help to determine the cause of the hearing problem. Undergoing audiometry could change your life. By uncovering defects in the ear or finding an obstruction a solution can then be worked on. Recovering balance or hearing may find a new lease on life. If you haven’t tried it yet consider the change it could make for you.



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